Luigi Aldo Bruno

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I’ve been delivering unique experiences to people all my life.


Web Designer


Print is not dead!

Apple Creative Pro

Software Training


Cross Media Content

Diversity is the key to perfection

I connect all parts together

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Modern Responsive Webdesign requires Html5, Css3, JavaScript, jQuery and PHP. Since I graduated from SAE Institute I speak all these tongues quite fluently.
But sometimes it's way more important to know your sources and to have a network you can rely on.


Print Media is where I've got my roots and I'm still writing and publishing.
I always liked juggling around with words. I'm constantly working to improve my skills and I'm proud to say that when it comes to writing I'm a lean and mean killing machine.

Apple Creative Pro

Being an Apple Creative Pro means a lot to me. It's just like the commercials say:
I'm enriching lives every day. I help people to suck the marrow out of their devices and teach them how to do their work faster and better.


Everything out of one box. That's Cross Media Publishing and it's what I love about it. Pictures, Animations, Movies and Text Content.
I mix it all up to create the best user experience possible or to make people put their iPhones away and actually read an article printed on paper.


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    Sleek and elegant code can be like poetry

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    I'm a professinal writer working for print magazines and of course I'm hosting my own blogs

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    OS X

    If you want to stay ahead, being an early adopter is not enough beta tests are nothing to be afraid of

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    Cross Media publishing includes taking awesome pictures and proper post processing

Passion is the answer

You will only be good at things you really love

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